My two favorite parts of running Golden Age opening the boxes of a new arrivals and establishing relationships with new product line.  So lately I’ve been having a lot of fun because I’ve gotten so many cool guitars in recently and I’ve had the opportunity to add three new lines: Top Hat Amplification, Louis Electric and GJ2 Guitars.

Top Hat Amplification is the brainchild of Brian Gerhard who founded the company around 1994 and has been building some of the best sounding and coolest looking amps of the day. Used by such notables as Bonnie Raitt, Walter Becker, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rojas Top Hat amps are known for their modernized versions of the landmark Vox and Marshall amps of the 60’s and 70’s. Top Hat also gives a nod to classic Fender sounds in their Vanderbilt 33 and Super Club Deluxe models. Their general goal is to appeal to vintage purists while adding more modern features. The styling of Top Hat amps makes them beautiful to look at too with their trademark back lit logo. Nine models are offered with a price range of $1999 – $2699 for heads and $1829 – $3149 for combos and range from 16 to 100 watts. It’s all hand wired and made in the good old USA.

Another made in the USA amp  company is Louis Electric. Owner and designer Lou Rosano has been building amps for over 20 years and has worked with such legenday performers as Keith Richards, John Fogerty, Jackson Browne, Danny Gatton, Hubert Sumlin, Robben Ford, Warren Haynes, Jorma Koukonen and Duke Robillard. Lou has a passion for both tweeds and early Marshall Plexis  and all his amps are individually ear tuned tested for  warmth, clarity, responsiveness and their seemingly endless head room. If you’re looking for an amp that plays cleanly at high volumes the Louis Electric Buster is the amp for you. Louis offer 4 models: The Buster (based on 5E3 tweed Deluxe and 25 watts) the KR12 (EL34) The Tremoverb (EL34 35 watts) and the Tornado (EL 34 28 watts) and the price range is $1895 to $3195.

GJ in GJ 2 stands for Grover Jackson. for those who are unfamiliar with that name Grover was the force and designer behind the highly prized and now collectible first generation of USA made Charvels and Jacksons. He acquired Charvel in 1979 then introduced Jacksons the following year. His guitars have been played by the likes of Steve Vai, George Lynch, Allan Holdsworth and Steve Kahn. The business was sold to another entity 1985 which ushered in the era of offshore made Jacksons and Charvels which are not nearly as highly regarded as the originals. Now, Grover is back after A 35 hiatus and is ready to make his in the guitar  biz once again. The new GJ2 company makes the whole schmear from bodies to pickups. Even the pickup rings, back plates and knobs are made in-house. GJ, who was a pioneer of the compound radius)  has developed a new production method that creates a  more accurate geometry for eve smoother bends without choking”. Current model include the Arete  and Concorde neck-throughs, the Glendal bolt-on with  neck-through Zora soon to be available. Our first GJ2 guitars are due in December.