Pete Becker: Stringed Instrument Repairs


Pete has been repairing stringed instruments professionally for over 25 years. He was mentored  by Joe Blumette at Rondo Music in the late 1980’s. Several years later he took a position at Mandolin Brothers in their repair department. Flip Scipio was in charge of the shop in those days and he taught Pete a great deal about the art of repair, especially in regards to vintage instruments. He spent the next 10 years repairing and restoring guitars, mandolins, banjos and resonator instruments for the Bros.. Leroy Aiello was also helpful to him during those years and helped him with his first neck reset on a vintage Martin. After leaving Mandolin Brothers, Pete started his own shop, Hell Mountain studios, at his home in NJ. “When John opened Golden Age in Westfield he asked me to help with some repair work. I was honored to do so and have been with the store ever since”.

One of Pete’s specialties is acoustic guitar pickup installation an experienced tech is of prime importance when installing pickups in acoustic instruments. Positioning, and even pressure on piezos, can have a huge negative effect on sound quality if done improperly. Pete has done hundreds of them (or more) and was the “go to guy” for this fuction during his tenure at Mandolin Bros.

Another forte of Pete’s is mandolin, banjo and uke setup and repair. It’s tough to find a good mando, banjo, uke guy locally, so if you need one, you know where to find him.

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