Study Guitar at Golden Age Fretted Instruments

with Carla Ulbrich

Carla Ulbrich

Carla has been teaching at Golden Age for over two years now and I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have her. She’s a great teacher with the skill and patience to teach at all skill levels. And a more winning personality would be hard to find.


She has a degree in music (guitar) and has also studied at GIT in Hollywood. Her teaching credentials include Lander University, Pearson Music Company, Hummingbird Music Camp for Kids, and the National Summer Guitar Workshop.

Also, Carla is a published author having had an instructional book published by Knopf, has released 3 indie cds and has performed her humorous song all across the US and in England.

When studying with Carla you can learn classical, classic rock, fingerstyle, theory and reading standard notation or tabulature.

Carla teaches on Tuesdays at our store and lessons can be scheduled from 3PM to 7PM

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