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About Voyage-Air Guitars

Voyage-Air guitars are full-size, full-scale instruments that open and play the same as any fine acoustic guitar. When folded and stored in their case, the Voyage-Air package is smaller – a LOT smaller – than any other full-size guitar.

For example: modern, fuel-efficient cars have limited trunk space. That trunk storage can accommodate… maybe one or two old-fashioned acoustic guitars in their cases. With the Voyage-Air design, you can easily put four full-size guitars in the trunk – and still have room left over!

How it Works


Other outdoor activities beg for you to bring along an acoustic guitar. A bicycle trip to a city park? Take a Voyage-Air, thanks to the backpack straps incorporated in its durable carrying case. A motorcycle trip? The slim design of all Voyage-Air cases fits comfortably on your back without protruding to interfere with your helmet, and is aerodynamically stable at speed.

Voyage-Air guitars are a natural for boats and watercraft. Here, onboard storage space is at a premium. Finally, you can take a full-size acoustic guitar onboard without cramping space for other necessities. The Transit Series and Songwriter Series guitars incorporate engineered tonewoods that are resistant to the humidity swings of a marine environment.

Finally, all Voyage-Air guitars are flat-out engineered and designed for travel. Musicians around the world have traveled to the extreme with Voyage-Air guitars, and have enabled them to make their music wherever they go.  Where will YOU take your Voyage-Air guitar?

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