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About Tom Anderson GuitarWorks

We spend countless hours listening, testing, and playing our instruments (we really do this–and we like it). The process begins with the creation of the most precise and comfortable bodies and necks possible. We accomplish this by choosing only the finest and most beautiful woods from select lumber mills. Our design and manufacturing process utilizes the best of both old and new world craftsmanship. Ground breaking computer-aided technology is used to achieve the most exacting tolerances found in the guitar industry, while the fine-detail woodwork and beautiful finish-sanding are done by the hands of a master.

To best compliment and allow you to further fine tune the sound of your Anderson guitar, we offer many models of pickups. They are all designed and wound in our own pickup shop for optimum tone. And you could also call the excellence of our internal wiring “a work of art”. A guitar this refined and this functional can’t just show up to the gig without something decent to wear. Well, take a look. Our gorgeous paint jobs are done using a revolutionary new ultra violet light-curing process that was pioneered here. It allows the instruments full tonal potential to be uninhibited while setting a new level of beauty for our guitars. The final process is the coming together of all these precision parts in just the right way to enable each and every Anderson guitar to achieve its maximum playability and sound. This process produces a wonderful instrument with lush, rich tones that looks beautiful and “plays like butter”. What does this all mean? It means a guitar of unparalleled quality, and no matter which model of Anderson you choose, you are getting that same level of excellence. Our models vary only in their look, wood choice and sonic character. We offer this variety so you can choose an instrument that will bring out your personal best tone.


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