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About K-Line Guitars

Guitar players are seekers. They are always looking for something elusive. Perhaps an instrument they owned long ago and long to have back in their arms. A guitar that inspires playing and causes time to melt away. A roadworthy companion that sounds and feels like an old friend.

Whatever it may be that you’re seeking, K-Line Guitars believes it’s within reach.

K-Line builds vintage-inspired solid body electric guitars that combine classic styling, boutique pickups, modern hardware and second-to-none nitrocellulose finishes that are sure to please vintage guitar enthusiasts and today’s demanding modern players alike.

K-Line guitars are built using wood that is hand-selected for optimal tonal response and shaped to the specific application. K-Line has designed each neck and body to overcome the short comings of the vintage designs with regards to board widths and neck pocket design. Each neck is carefully tap tested with respect to each body, maximizing the tonal balance and resonance. Every neck features hand-rolled fingerboard edges, along with a thin silky nitrocellulose finish, providing a broken-in 40 year-old feel and look.

Every guitar is finished in a variety of historically-accurate classic guitar colors and topped off with nitrocellulose lacquer. Some K-Line guitars undergo a proprietary process to apply a light to moderate amount of aging to the finish. Others are given the Time KapsuleTM treatment, providing the appearance of a guitar that left the showroom 50 years ago and was stored in its case in a closet ever since. The Time KapsuleTM is not a modern new finish as it is a thin skin that will settle into the grain but have new, shiny hardware. K-Line does not do finishes that require a urethane undercoat, we like to allow the least amount of film thickness as possible. If a deep gloss look is what you are after, this is not the place!

K-Line believes the feel of our instruments is what differentiates ours from other guitars you may find at even twice the cost. We spend countless hours making sure that each neck has a nice broken in feel with rolled edges, meticulous fret work, and a familiar, comfortable contour.

Chris Kroenlein is the “K” behind K-Line Guitars, and every K-Line guitar is hand built by Chris his workshop in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. A guitar repairman and builder since 1995, Kroenlein was inspired to build great-playing instruments based on his passion for vintage guitars and his struggle as a player to find quality construction at a price affordable to average working musicians.

By parlaying his 20+ years of auto body painting experience, Chris made a name for himself by producing custom-built guitars with historically accurate finishes that excited vintage guitar aficionados and provided a more affordable alternative to big name custom shop creations. After years of repairing and building for local working musicians, Kroenlein officially launched his own brand of guitars bearing the K-Line moniker in 2004.

Chris Kroenlein personally assembles and sets up each guitar to his specifications, and no guitar leaves the shop unless it passes Chris’ meticulous quality control.

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