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About John Suhr Guitars

At Suhr Guitars, we don’t merely produce some of the finest hand-crafted guitars and amplifiers – we produce dreams that inspire musical passion and artistic creativity. Our fervent dedication to the highest quality standards possible, our famous fanatical attention to detail, our ears for tone, and our love for music ranging from rock to country to jazz to blues to pop to metal to fusion are all evident in every instrument we produce. The passion to build the very best possible is the underlying current of what Suhr Guitars is all about. From there comes the vision of John Suhr to design and create the best instruments possible. From there the skill of experienced master craftsmen, technological know-how, and the hard work of dedicated employees who truly love what they’re doing take over to produce modern works of art that discriminating artists and musicians will savor for a lifetime.

Suhr Guitars is a complete facility. We design a hand-built feel into designs produced with modern technology. We cut our own necks, bodies and pickguards on our state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) routers. Each guitar is detailed prior to paint and assembly. This allows us complete control over quality and consistency of our guitars. These are truly hand-built guitars, each assembled by one builder. We wind our pickups on a computerized winder that allows us to program a consistent “hand-wound” pickup, using a balance of old world tone and modern technology. Our fret slots are CNC cut, all frets are leveled and re-crowned, all edges removed and polished. Our paint process ensures that the beauty of the wood shines through and contributes to the tone of the instrument. Tight neck fits, accurate string alignment and consistent friendly neck back shapes are considered a de facto standard that we replicate in every guitar we build. All this leads to a guitar that you won’t want to put down.

The greatest asset of Suhr Guitars is the people. From the design and building talents of John Suhr, to the CNC programming know-how of Steve Smith and his business acumen, to the experience and skills of master builders like Kenny Gin, Jay Madore and Mike Ponce, to the customer-oriented focus, knowledge and service of Ed Yoon, and to many other valuable employees who work with a fierce sense of pride, Suhr Guitars is about a tightly-knit team of people focused on building the very best and satisfying the most discriminating players and world-class artists.

With well over a hundred years of combined experience in the guitar industry amongst the managers and the master builders, we channel that know-how into products and services that not only elate the players, but allow them to be their very best as creative musicians – be they recording and touring professionals or casual but serious hobbyists. Ultimately, our goal is to make you focus on playing and making music, not fiddling with or tweaking gear.

Suhr Guitars is an American company – drawing from the unique American traditions of innovation, melding of ethnicities and cultures, creative entrepreneurialism, strong work ethic, and a passion and love for the American musical heritage that is the blues, jazz, and rock and roll. At the same time, Suhr Guitars is a cosmopolitan and a forward-thinking company open to new ideas and cultures from every corner of the shrinking globe. Our guitars and amps are proudly played by dedicated musicians from Bangkok to Sydney to Sao Paulo to Madrid to Rome to Moscow to Beijing to Seoul to Tokyo.

The desire and the drive to be the very best that one can be is a universal trait in every culture and every country of this world. We are proud of being able to work with some of the very best players in the world. Our world-class artists represent where we are going as a company. In the end, it’s all about the journey of creating, not the destination. Suhr Guitars will continue to focus on being every step of the way with your artistic journey. So let the journey begin and let us expand your experience of great tone and musical creativity.


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