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My two favorite parts of running Golden Age opening the boxes of a new arrivals and establishing relationships with new product line.  So lately I’ve been having a lot of fun because I’ve gotten so many cool guitars in recently and I’ve had the opportunity to add three new lines: Top Hat Amplification, Louis Electric […]

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For Fans of Jimi

On April 26, 2013 By

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Big vs. Small

On April 3, 2013 By

We’ve all heard the big vs. small argument before. Of course I’m on the side of small is better. You’ve probably all seen that TV commercial where the interviewer asks these little kids “what’s better, more or less?” or “what’s better, fast or slow?” or “what’s better, big or small?” and all […]

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For this month’s e-mail I feel like doing a mild rant mixed with a bit of business model explanation. The great Lance Lerman, philosopher and builder of LsL Instruments has a saying: “Don’t sell any guitar you don’t want to keep”. I think these are words to live by and so, this has become my […]

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The Harry Leahey Story

On November 8, 2011 By

When I opened the Golden Age storefront in April, of ’05 one peculiar thing started to happen and has continued to occur to this day.  Some guy would walk into the shop, sit down and start playing some totally amazing jazz guitar. Naturally I’d have to engage this great chops cat in conversation and the […]

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