One of the reasons I need the wall space is that I am now an official dealer of the fabulous K Line by luthier Chris Kroenlein. Chris still builds guitars the old fashioned way – by hand in his suburban St. louis workshop.  He’s been at it since 1995 when he started building custom instruments for local guitar players and aficionados and in 2004 Chris decided to launch his own brand under the K-Line banner. Since then K-Line has risen to the top of the vintage style mountain and have gained a stellar reputation among, touring artists, studio players and pickers of all levels. K-Line players include: Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd fame, Tim Smith (Sheryl Crow) Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney) John Horton (Bottle Rockets) and Guthrie Trapp (Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Alison Krause).

As for the Line guitars, they are vintage inspired, solid body electrics that combine classic styling, , boutique pickups, modern hardware and the finest thinly applied nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. Chris uses tone woods that are hand selected for optimal tonal response. Each neck and body style are tweaked to overcome any shortcomings inherent in the original vintage designs especially in the area of board widths and neck pockets. Each neck is carefully tap tested to match each body they are paired with, maximizing the tonal balance and resonance of the guitar. All necks feature hand rolled fretboard edges along with a thin, silky Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, providing a broken-in 40 year old feel and look. All colors are historically accurate.  Mr. Kroenline personally assembles, sts up and inspects each guitar prior to it’s leaving the shop, assuring that each one meets or surpasses his strict quality control guidelines. K-Line offers the choice of a light to moderate aging as well as their Time Kapsule variation which looks like it was taken off the showroom floor and stored under the bed for 40 years. There are currently four models to choose from: The Sprigfield (S-Style) Truxton (T-style) San Bernadino (J-Style) and Texola (sort of T/J style).  A huge variety of pickup choices and configurations are offered too.

The first four on order and should be here shortly. Keep an eye on new arrivals section for their appearance.